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Trekking in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan offers a unique taste and experience passing through breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Most of the trekking routes run through rural settlements, lush temperate forests home for some endangered species of flora and fauna and extend to the snowcapped mountains of the Himalayas. Cascades of waterfall joining the major river system in the country are attractions for trekkers along the trekking trails.  Trekking provides an excellent opportunity to explore the greater part of Bhutan – rural hamlets in the valleys to nomadic yak herders in the high mountains.

Our treks stretch from short soothing walks through terraced fields in the countryside to some of the arduous high altitude treks. Walking through the coniferous forests of rhododendrons at 3100m of twelve-days Druk Path Trek and taking the trails of twenty-seven (27) – day Snowmen Trek in the alpine region crossing several passes at more than 6000m give unique opportunity for all trekkers. Strenuous walks of seven to nine hours along rocky and muddy (particularly in summer) are rewarded with vistas of picturesque peaks and valleys under clear blue sky.

Weather is an important consideration for the trek. Limited by winter snows and summer rains, spring and autumn are Bhutan’s peak seasons for trekking. Spring is warmer with fresh environment marked by blossoming flowers of varied species of flora – rhododendrons in full blossom. Late spring may see rain. Summer is not an ideal time for trekking in Bhutan for monsoon is at its height. However, it is the best time to savour the beauty of alpine flowers. Clear autumn days present spectacular views of scenic valleys of Bhutan. You will come across rural folk in their fields harvesting their crops in October and November.  During winter, treks in the alpine region are not accessible of snow. Nonetheless, treks in the valleys of Paro, Punakha and Wangduephodrang ensure pleasant walk with settled weather under a clear sky.

All trekking in Bhutan is being arranged as camping trips. Designated trekking camp will have adequate water supply as well as meadows to feed ponies. On your trek you will be accompanied by a small and efficient trekking team. Apart from overseeing all camping arrangements, the team will guide you and prepare the meals throughout the trek. We provide tents with foam mattresses, eating utensils, dining and toilet tents. Everything related to transportation is done by pack animals – horses in the low lands and yaks at higher elevations. There are no tea houses or lodges along the trekking routes.

Bhutan well known for the highest unclaimed in the world and most difficult trek(snow man trek) in the world. The length of the trek, altitude, remoteness and weather makes snow man most difficult.

Here are some sample itineraries. Nevertheless, A Trail Finder Tours and Treks can tailor trekking arrangements to meet individual needs and preferences.

7 Day Magical Bhutan with Bum-Dra Trek
13 Day Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek
Formidable Snow Man Trek III (21 nights)
12 Day Bumthang Owl Trek
18-Day Merak and Sakteng Trek
Formidable Snow Man Trek IV (26 nights)
12 Day Samtengang Winter Trek
22- Day Beautiful Laya
12-Day Soi Yaksa Trek
Formidable Snow Man Trek I (27 nights)

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